You’re invited to a Christmas Bird Count

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Walk off a holiday’s worth of food and drink while learning about B.C.’s birds.

On Dec. 30, you are invited to come participate in the 118th annual Christmas bird count. It’s organized by the White Rock and Langley Naturalist Clubs, along with other conservation groups in the area.

Before and into the 20th century, towns used to have a contest to see how many animals they could shoot. The side with the biggest pile of animals won. The naturalists decided they didn’t want to kill anything, so they started the bird count and census to tally the list of species discovered.

Birdwatching / Shutterstock

The count has continued over the last century mostly because people like to get outdoors and enjoy nature.

Novice or an experienced enthusiast — the bird count is for everyone.

For more information or to participate in this year’s count call Gareth Pugh, 604-576-6813 for the White Rock area or John Gordon, 604-533-7171 or Mike Klotz, 604-861-1677 for the Langley area.


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